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A few decades ago I came to realise what is now called “Theory d”. When a battery is connected to a lamp by two wires and the lamp lights, nothing travels along inside the wires.

1965 is the key date when the parasites/parrots took control.

Society does not know that post 1965 “science” is not science, which should be “search for truth”, but rather the opposite - “Search for Consensus”. peer consensus review, the carrot being career advance.


“By the way, is there such a thing as electric current? – that is, something moving through a wire…. ?


Return to our wire from London to Edinburgh with a steady current from the battery in London ….The energy is poured out of the battery into the dielectric sideways at a steady rate …. If there is an instrument in circuit at Edinburgh, it is worked by energy that has travelled wholly through the dielectric, then finding its way into the instrument ….” - Oliver Heaviside 1892, quoted by Catt in Wireless World December 1890. 100 years later

Howie, then Head of the Cavendish, followed three years later; ;

saying; “…. Wireless World is taken by the Cavendish library.”.

So Howie knew articles by me, including the 1980 article; “Death of Electric Current.” ;


Only a scientist, “searching for the truth”, could approach such heresy.

Ivor Catt  5.4.2023

The parrot confronts the scientist. A parrot cannot, may not, comment on the heretical results of the Wakefield Experiments. This is even though Wakefield is now published in the Royal Society journal. This is because the heresies in the Royal Society are well camouflaged.

A parrot cannot say “Science is the search for truth” or “Science is not the search for truth”. He was never taught to say either. His first line of defence is to not understand cattq or the Wakefield experiments. He is safer if he pretends that cattq is a theory, rather than merely a request for clarification of classical theory.


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